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Termites - Swarmer, Worker, and Soldier

Termite Baiting Systems

Termites live in colonies underground, very similar to ants. Their job in our natural eco-system is to find and consume dead roots, fallen tree limbs, and other wood. Our Termite Baiting System uses the termite colony feeding system to transport poison into the colony and spread it around to the members. Termite baits are one of most effective, eco-friendly, and safest treatment methods for termite prevention. For more information about Firstline® Termite Baits and Sentricon® Type Bait Systems: Termite Bait Specials...

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The Subterranean Termite is most common to Oklahoma. They feed on wood and wood products like cardboard or paper. Termites serve an important function in nature by converting these materials back into soil, but they also munch on wood members of buildings and homes. Termites can cause serious damage to property. They infest more than 1.5 million homes and cause more than 5 BILLION dollars worth of damage each year (more than fire and high wind combined). Termidor info: Termidor Extermination Specials...

Worker Termite destroys wood and feeds the termite colonyThe worker termite does the damage and the soldier protects the colony.Soldier Termites to protect the termite colony
Swarmer Termites have wings about twice as long as the bodyWinged (swarmer) termites are usually seen in the springtime.Swarming Termites with Wings
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